Sunday, February 3, 2013

It’s been a while…

It’s been over a year since my last blog post!  So much for weekly updates on my goals, keeping a journal of my year, and whatever else my intentions were.  Looking back on my goals for 2012, I only (if you’re not a stickler) reached one.  While I could beat myself up over it, I’m choosing not to.

My goals for 2012 were:

Goal #1: Run one race a month. I actually started out really strong with this goal.  I ran a race every month until August.  I recruited a good friend of mine, Corey, to run most races with me. 

Race Collage

Corey and I ran a 5k in January, February, and June together.  We ran in the Urban Iditarod with some friends in March.  I conned a new running friend into his first 5k in April, and in May I ran the Zombie 5k on a Saturday, and Tough Mudder on Sunday.  In July, after burning myself to a crisp at the beach, I ran my first solo race of the year.  Things were looking strong, and then August rolled around.  Between moving, a week spent traveling across the West Coast, a dodgeball tournament in Vegas, my best friend’s wedding, and heading back to school, an August race just didn’t happen.  Before I knew it, school took over my life (and still is) and I didn’t run another race for the rest of 2012.  While I am disappointed I stuck to this goal for 7 months, I know that I did what I could at the time. 

Goal #2: Break 24 minutes in the 5k. So as I said earlier, I technically broke the 24 minute mark, but it wasn’t a full 5k.  So I feel like I did something in 2012, I’m counting this one as reached (although I will definitely be attempting this again at some point)!

Frozen 5k

Goal #3: Break 2 hours in the half-marathon. I didn’t even run a half-marathon in 2012!  Most of the races I completed were 5ks.  The longest race I ran was the Tough Mudder, and in all honesty, I am okay with that.  The first half of the year was incredibly busy with things outside of school, and the second half was completely engrossed with the new school year.  Training for a half marathon, without half-assing it like I’ve done so many times before, wasn’t happening. 


Goal #4: Complete a marathon. Hahaha.  Does registering for the lottery for NYC count?  Considering my longest run of the year was the 10ish miles run at Tough Mudder, this obviously didn’t happen.  I am hoping this will happen in 2013 at the NYC Marathon.  This past year was my third time entering the lottery and being denied.  Under the guaranteed entry option, I was supposed to have reserved my spot in the 2013 race.  However, after Hurricane Sandy and the cancellation of the marathon in October, that may not be an option anymore.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever run NYC if it isn’t through the guaranteed entry option.  The recent addition of time qualifications are much speedier than I ever plan to be.  People might take this as me saying I don’t want to work hard to become fast enough to qualify for NYC based on my times, but I don’t see myself ever being that fast without making running into something that is no longer fun for me.  Only time will tell if this goal will come to fruition in 2013!

Goal #5: Be active at least 4 days a week. I stopped keeping tack of how many days I was “active” week 2 of 52.  I am going to go ahead and assume I was active at least 4 times a week most weeks.  I play(ed) dodgeball 2 nights a week most months, typically play football every Saturday morning, and was helping to coach my school’s cross-country team for a few months.  I am sure there were weeks here or there where I didn’t get in 4 days of activity, and I am okay with that.  Sure, I am softer that I was at this time in 2012, but a lot has changed in the past six months or so that has completely changed my outlook on the beginning of 2013. 



Goal #6: Put myself out there more. I would like to think I put myself out there more in 2012, but this is a goal I will constantly be working on.  I still catch myself constantly turning down opportunities for fear of being uncomfortable, and need to do a better job of challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone!



Goals for 2013?  To make it until June!  I am giving myself a pass on writing any concrete goals to achieve by the end of 2013 until at least July.  This school year has been a huge change and is taking my full attention and focus to make it through the end of the school year.  Once it has come to an end and I know what the rest of 2013 will have in store, I’ll re-evaluate what I’d like to focus on for the rest of the year!

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